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rudy perrone: Music

The Language of Spirits - CD liner notes

(....In acknowledgement of the great Spirit in all things...)
May 15, 2007
…..In acknowledgement of the great Spirit in all things, we are on occasion invited and welcomed into a place that seems magical and higher in vision. It is a simple thing to honor and trust in what is inherently all of ours... Thank you all, each and every one of you; for your graceful invitation, your kindness and the generous offerings of your extraordinary talents shared along the way of the recording of these songs and the accompanying cover art. Your intentions and the light in your eyes spoke powerfully silent in our meditation together …. our momentary crossing of paths. Like an invisible prayer flag, I wish you all good things…Thank you for all you have shared in creating the memories and joyful moments that will sing of harmony, triumphantly forever …. of this extraordinary meeting time at Imaginary Road…..All love…..R